Focus and Shutter Speed

Sharp Image:

There are two matters to be considered for achieving a sharp image/picture:

A. Focus               :  We must execute the focus at the point we choose correctly.

B. Shutter Speed  : When you execute "hand held", the shutter speed should not too slow to avoid image shake.  If the speed is too slow, try to put the camera on a tripod or monopod.

Please watch this example below carefully:

St fk 7434 St fk 7431 St fk 7436
Pic. 3.a Pic. 3.b Pic. 3.c


Analyse the three given pictures above: 

Pic. 3.a : Sharp

Pic. 3.b:  Miss focus (the focus is pointed at the bottle cap)

Pic. 3.c:  Shake


To achieve a sharp picture we should put the focus on the correct point and keep the camera condition steady while executing.


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